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Sri Lanka’s best food and where to eat it


Chef Jon Lewin reveals his favourite places around the island for feasting on rich, dark, deeply flavoured curries of fish, goat, pork and more

Some of my favourite dishes come from Jaffna in the north. I have a slight addiction to crab, and to slow-cooked goat. The goat curry is made with Jaffna’s signature dark curry powder, which is freshly roasted and ground, ensuring an aromatic and full-bodied flavour.

The meat is cooked low and slow until it’s nice and tender, and the sauce, or gravy as it is more commonly known, is rich and reduced to a thick consistency. Like most curries in Sri Lanka, it’s a one-pot deal and super easy to prepare. I’ve seen it made with added offal for an even deeper flavour, but it works just as well without. Try it for a few pounds at Jaffna’s scruffy, lurid green-painted Hotel Rolex (+94 77 907 9888, 340 Hospital Road).

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