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Unspoilt Costa Blanca

It may seem like a contradiction in terms, but head for the villages and countryside north of Alicante and the vibe changes from turismo to tradicional, writes Katie Wood

An hour and a half into my drive north of Alicante and I noticed something pretty dramatic – suddenly, almost within the turn of a corner, the landscape changed from brown and arid to green and mountainous; the high-rise concrete hotels gave way to smart villas, and I found myself in lush valleys of oranges, almonds and lemon groves. There are few places in the world where the northern part of a small coastline contrasts more with the south.

I went expecting a landscape of mass tourism but, in the northern part of the Costa Blanca, I found quaint Spanish villages where bar owners spoke only 10 words of English, and I found a part of Europe where life goes on the way it has for decades, with siestas religiously adhered to, and local customs and culture still very much a part of everyday life.

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