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On location: The isle of Jura

David Cameron has waxed lyrical about Jura. But even this master of self-publicity couldn’t match the stunt pulled by KLF, who burnt £1m in cash on the isle

Until recently, two things brought visitors to the sparsely occupied Isle of Jura in Scotland’s Western Isles. First there’s the whisky. The island’s only road leads straight from the ferry to the distillery where 1.4 million litres of pure alcohol is produced annually and which attracts 5,000 people each year. Next, there’s the scenery and wildlife – the 30-mile-long and seven-mile-wide island is home to 6,500 deer. Its surrounding sea is full of seals, dolphins and porpoises.

Then a couple of months ago, David Cameron sang the island’s praises on Desert Island Discs. As yet it’s too early to observe any Cameron effect, though perhaps next year Notting Hill new Tories will outnumber the otters playing along its lovely shoreline.

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