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The sites that changed our world

Sean Dodson maps out the net’s most innovative and best loved travel websites

Earlier this summer, the package tour veteran Thomson announced that internet bookings had exceeded those taken in their high street stores. In just 10 years, the internet has come from nowhere to dominate the UK travel market. But how did this happen?

Consider how far we have travelled by remembering how we used to book. Just 10 years ago, if you were particularly tech savvy, you booked your holidays through the cutting-edge technology of Teletext. But, in 1996, most of us chose to traipse down to town, find a travel agent that was open, queue up and then sit across a desk and watch a “holiday consultant” operate a huge computer terminal while you flick through glossy brochures featuring bright images airbrushed free of the unsightly building site that you half expected to be deposited next to.

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