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David Vincent reviews Pollywogg Holler eco resort in New York State

A woodland hobbit would be right at home at this rustic eco-lodge in upstate New York, says David Vincent

“I’m not going to the toilet for the whole week.” Those were the first words my travel companion, Andrew, uttered as we arrived at Pollywogg Holler Eco Resort in western New York state. That was after he saw the al-fresco compostable toilet. I assured him it was constructed using the highly regarded Clivus Multrum system and perfectly clean, but he was having none of it. He also refused to use the “rustic” shower shack, preferring to fester instead. There seemed to be a contradiction here regarding cleanliness, I pointed out. He thought not.

Pollywogg Holler, named after the frogs, and their chorus, that fill the woods of the Phillips Creek forest in Allegany county, is a unique place. Some will love it and return there again and again, but others will consider it their personal Camp Crystal Lake – à la Friday the 13th. I fitted into the former category, no need to tell you where my friend’s opinion lay.

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