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Vicky Baker tells you how to find travel companions online

Why stop at booking flights and hotels online? These days, you can find travel companions too

‘Maddy and I are going to Barcelona for a city break, you might fancy joining us.” Next to the message was a thumbnail picture of a woman in her early 40s. Her name was Teresa, she was a civil servant living in Hammersmith, west London, and she described herself as “a bubbly daredevil with a sharp sense of humour”. This was all I knew, and she knew as little about me. Yet she was inviting me on holiday.

What we had in common was membership of the London branch of, a fast-expanding social networking site that introduces people online but enables their friendship to develop in the real world through various gatherings, arranged by the site or members themselves. With 22,000 users across nine UK cities, they’ve already set their sights on expanding into Europe.

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