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Gwynedd’s burial grounds Bontddu, Gwynedd

Walk in a nutshell
Starting with a climb beside a stream, you’ll then be following the upland route drovers once took to herd their flocks from the west coast to Dolgellau and beyond. This walk then takes you up through woodlands and along the upper reaches of the Llawlech ridge before descending towards the village of Tal-y-bont.

Why it’s special
The Ordnance Survey map shows standing stones, burial chambers, stone circles and settlements scattered all over the area. As you reach the higher ground of the Llawlech ridge, you’ll pass a stone circle right by the road, and if you’re prepared to explore a little, you’ll find remnants of chambers and circles on either side of the track all the way to Pont Fadog, where there’s a beautifully preserved burial chamber beside the road. Look out for paving slabs buried underfoot on parts of the walk, a legacy of the days when this was a toll road in the 1800s and reportedly the scene of many a highway robbery.

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