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TwiTrip to Manchester – the verdict

Your Tweets led Benji Lanyado far beyond his old Manchester student stomping ground, from an indie tour of Salford to a dusty old library that witnessed a meeting of the masterminds of communism

Last Wednesday, I journeyed to Manchester with high hopes. I was determined to banish the dissatisfying memory of my misspent time at university in the city, when I loitered around the student district of Fallowfield for three years, save for the occasional drunken foray into town. This time I wanted to find truly Mancunian pursuits, aided by the good people of the Twittersphere. They did me – and their city – proud.

As per TwiTrip tradition, the day began with a request for train-time trivia. @Shabbychicb got the ball rolling, informing me that “Manchester City is the only football team to be founded by a woman: Anna Connell in 1880”. Then @danpyt sent me a map depicting a Soviet plan from the cold war era to storm Manchester with tanks. Excellent stuff.

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