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Caffeine hit: Auckland coffee culture

The flat white, café du jour in London coffee shops, was invented in Auckland (at least that’s what they say in New Zealand). Here’s how to make one, and where find the best cup in the city

Stretch, whirlpool, surf. I repeat the mantra while preparing my first flat white, at a top-notch La Marzocco espresso machine that an hour ago was as alien to me as the cockpit of a Formula One racing car.

I am on the barista training course at Allpress Espresso, one of Auckland’s premier roasters, to learn how to make the antipodean take on white coffee, the flat white. Perfected in New Zealand – which bickers with Australia over who actually invented it back in the 80s – the flat white is a single shot of espresso blended with steamed velvety milk; strong, creamy, not too frothy.

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