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Best budget eats in Kuala Lumpur

Sample Kuala Lumpur’s rich mix of regional cuisines at Chinese night markets, Malay food stalls, Indian restaurants and unique Nyonya kitchens

When it comes to eating out, no city in Asia can compare to Kuala Lumpur for the variety of cuisine on offer, the quality of the products and the affordable prices. Malaysian food reflects the ethnic mix of the local population, spanning traditional Malay cooking, a dozen different Chinese regional cuisines, and Indian dishes that range from spicy south Indian vegetarian curries to rich Sikh dishes from the Punjab. Malaysians are serious foodies – just check out local blogs like,, and – and although Malays don’t eat pork, Indians refuse beef and some Chinese are strict vegetarians, food seems to unite people here. It is almost impossible to not eat well in KL, but here are 10 of the best places to track down.

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