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My Killing honeymoon in Copenhagen

We had four glorious days before the rain set in and we got stuck in the mud

You’d have thought we’d have realised about the weather after 20 hours of watching the TV show. But somehow the never-ending gloom and near-constant rain of The Killing seemed more an atmospheric effect than a warning that this might not be the most balmy of honeymoon spots. Which is how we came to be barbecuing under an umbrella, in our cagoules, on a Copenhagen campsite.

The cagoules feature in a lot of pictures from our August break. Our wedding present was an old VW campervan, and Scandinavia seemed the ideal place for her first run: not too hot, beautiful landscape and coast, lots of amazing homewares to ogle over, delicious pastries and an excellent supply of obsessed if slightly bungling detectives in nice knitwear.

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