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10 of the best cheap eats in Penang

George Town in Penang, Malaysia, has the best street food in Asia, argues John Brunton. As the city gears up for the George Town Festival, which starts this Friday, he picks 10 stand-out places where you can eat fantastically well, and cheaply

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Nowhere in Asia can compare with Malaysia when it comes to street food, and although the capital, Kuala Lumpur, is a foodie paradise, ask Malaysians themselves where is the best place to eat, and the unanimous answer will be the tropical island of Penang, and in particular, George Town, a seething, authentic Chinatown. The stalls here are a gourmet kaleidoscope reflecting Malaysia’s colourful ethnic mix – as well as offering delicious Malay and Indian cuisine, Penang is unparalleled for the diversity and quality of its regional cooking. You eat well and cheaply everywhere in Penang, but here are 10 places really worth discovering.

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