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Antonio Carluccio’s Piedmont: a region rich in food … and artisan chocolate

Italian cooking with a focus on traditional meat dishes, polenta, and fine pastries defines a region with Turin at its heart

I was brought up in a village called Borgofranco in the Aosta valley. The area is practically made of food. Here you can eat wonderful stuff: polenta is a typical dish, as is chicken or sausage ragù – they do eat quite a lot of meat. You get amazing food knowledge just from standing in the butchers as people in the queue discuss how to cook a particular cut of meat.

Ivrea, near Borgofranco, is a little town that has wonderful markets, and where the seasonal ingredients are exceptional. Even the cabbage in winter is very good. During the carnival in early March the town is covered in Sicilian oranges – there is even a local tradition of fighting battles with them – and it makes Ivrea very pungent.

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