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Classic American Road movie: David Lynch’s The Straight Story

Director David Lynch turns the true story of a geriatric road trip (on a lawnmower) into a gentle parable – and a classic, if unlikely, American road movie

The Straight Story must be the slowest road movie ever made. And that pace is the point. Somewhere along the way, our world got itself in a damn hurry. And maybe more than any great American road movie – counter-culture trip (Easy Rider), burnt-rubber hellride (Natural Born Killers), wistful wine run (Sideways), feminist freedom trail (Thelma & Louise) – it took an old man on a lawnmower to remind us that life’s journey should never be rushed.

The first thing in director David Lynch’s strange, tender film is a vast night sky winking with stars; but those stars died long ago. All we see now are fading memories, their light reaching us after a one-way trip along the cosmic interstate.

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