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Top 10 restaurants in Buenos Aires

The steak is great, of course, but Argentina’s capital also has atmospheric local pizza joints, fine-dining and Latin fusion restaurants. We round up the best places to eat out

Argentina: the peso and the ‘blue dollar’ – what tourists need to know

A fresh breed of chef is taking Argentina’s national cuisine to new heights, as seen when the country scooped 15 entries on the Latin America 50 Best restaurant list. But at the other end of the culinary scale, travellers should not miss the classic parrillas (steakhouses) that have served the same menu for generations – huge slabs of steak, thick-cut chips, and cheap red wine topped up with soda water. If you love big slabs of meat La Cabrera, La Lechuza, La Brigada and Lo de Jesus should be on your list.

But for a mix of experiences, read on. This list brings together not just the best steak and fine-dining establishments, but also some of the best experiential choices, from supper clubs to pizza joints, offering an alternative slice of the city’s increasingly diverse food scene. And be sure to let us know your own favourites, in the comments section below. Note that all prices are in pesos, but at the official conversion rate. Travellers working to the parallel “blue rate” (see our explanatory piece) get much more food for their money.

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My favourite chippie – Scarborough’s Harbour View Cafe – video

Quayside in Whitby is officially Britain’s best fish’n’chip shop, but there are plenty of other tasty ones out there. Kevin Rushby visits his favourite, the Harbour View Cafe in Scarborough – where regulars include the local fishermen – to discover the secrets of a good chippie. Tell us about your favourite fish’n’chip shop at GuardianWitness Continue reading…