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Thailand’s lesser known islands: readers’ tips

Avoiding cliches like ‘tropical paradise’ is impossible when describing these exotic islands, adorned with palms, clear warm waters and soft sands

Far to the south, near the Malaysian border, lies gorgeous Koh Bulon Lae. Tiny, without roads, it takes 15 minutes to walk across. Each morning a local lady crosses the island with her basket of freshly baked cakes for travellers to buy. All the beaches are friendly and understated. Stay with the charming chao lay (sea gypsy) people or in one of the basic but comfy bamboo huts by the beachside school, spending days listening to the music from the classrooms and watching kids play petanque with their teachers. Relax at the hilltop bar with a cold beer, enjoying the sundown sounds of insects and toads. A beautifully diverse, enchantingly fascinating, supremely relaxed hidden gem.

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