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Holidaying with Helena Christensen: can a package resort do supermodel glamour?

Helena Christensen and tour operator Thomson seem odd bedfellows, but a new Jamaican resort has brought them together. Does it offer luxury fit for a fashion queen?

My first mistake, arriving at Montego Bay airport in Jamaica, is to assume everybody has heard of the new resort in Negril that I’m headed to. “Sensatori!” I say proudly, to an unimpressed customs agent who replies that there’s no such hotel, which makes me panic. “Sensativia?” I try. “Sensationalia?” Thank God she waves me through before I accidentally invent a range of sex toys, or yogurt. But Sensatori is indeed the name of a chain of luxury resorts from Thomson, which is now expanding into the long-haul destinations of Jamaica, Mexico and Dominican Republic.

Our taxi driver plays Bob Marley but regales me with tales of the local rapper Vybz Kartel, currently in prison for murder, and Alkaline, who has tattooed his own eyeball. I ask if Alkaline has killed anybody. “Not yet!” So it’s quite a relief to arrive at the resort and find everyone’s eyeballs intact, gazing blissfully at the seven miles of white beach that surround us, the shiny white buildings that make up the restaurants, beach bars and hotel rooms, and various swimming pools. What’s more, the supermodel and photographer Helena Christensen is here, promoting the resort for which she has co-designed a range of “boyfriend shirts”.

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