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Exploring the Yorkshire Dales by electric campervan

Kettle on, roof up … The world’s only all-electric vintage VW campervan for hire is perfect for pottering around the Dales

‘It’s a bit like a Super Mario Kart,” the owner Kit had joked. And halfway up a steep hill, I got my chance to prove it. Flicking the thrilling “turbo” switch on the dashboard, I rocketed skyward.

Well, perhaps not quite skyward, but what is claimed to be the world’s only all-electric classic VW campervan for hire made easy work of it. To be honest, that was out of character as it’s a vehicle that actively encourages pottering. Often I had the impression I was careering madly along an open road only to glance at the speedo and find I was not quite doing 30mph. But it was the most not-quite-doing-30 fun I think I’ve ever had.

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