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Barbuda, Caribbean beach paradise

A beautiful Caribbean island virtually untouched by tourism? It does exist, says our writer. It’s Barbuda, and if you don’t require entertainment, or much in the way of frills, it is perfect

As arrivals go, it was pretty spectacular. The eight-seater plane flew low over water so clear we could easily make out the sandy seabed. Fifteen minutes later we touched down next to the “airport”, a mint green shed with a partition dividing arrivals and departures. We crossed the village by jeep before boarding a motor boat that whisked us across the wide expanse of a lagoon, then headed into the shallows of a mangrove swamp, disturbing flocks of frigate birds. From the mangroves we emerged onto the open sea, rounded a headland and there it was: a mile-long stretch of gorgeous, empty white beach.

North Beach. A simple name for a simple resort in an extraordinarily beautiful location on the tip of the little-visited island of Barbuda. Apart from five bungalows we could see nothing but sand, sea, sky and palm trees.

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Readers’ travel photograph competition: February – animals

The standard in this month’s competition was incredibly high and there are some stunning images in the gallery. Scroll through to see the winner. All of this year’s winning images will be printed and mounted by Point101, and displayed at the finalists’ exhibition at the Guardian’s offices in January 2014. The prize for the overall winner is an Arctic summer adventure to northern Canada, including polar bear and whale tours, courtesy of the Canadian Tourism Commission

Find out how to enter the March competition – the theme is water
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