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These Amazing Maps Show How Kids See Their Place in the World

If you want to see the world through a child’s eyes, ask her to draw a map. Or you could spend some time with this collection of maps from the International Cartographic Association’s (ICA) biennial children’s map competition. Kids between the ages of 5 and 15 from all over the world entered the 2015 contest, whose theme was “My Place in Today’s World.” Their work is captivating.The range of styles, themes, and skills on display is really impressive. Some of the maps are disarmingly adorable, such as the winner of the under-6 age group below (by Adam Paketur of Lithuania, who was 5 years old when he made it). Some of the maps in the older age groups look like they were done by professional artists—and it’s easy to imagine some of the kids who made them will go on to become just that.In commemoration of International Map Year, in 2015-2016, the mapping software company Esri has published a book of the winners and some of the finalists from the most recent competition, in 2015. We’ve included a few of our favorites from that competition in the gallery above.The book also includes a selection of 50 maps from previous competitions, arranged into a children’s atlas of the world. The atlas includes sections of beautiful physical maps, impressive political maps, and interesting thematic maps on topics including endangered species, land use, military spending, and health care. The final section is full of really creative maps that include lots of pictorial elements or mixed media such as metal, stamps, or ceramics.View Images