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The best of Naples: readers’ travel tips

Pizza and archaeology figure strongly for readers who’ve visited the southern Italian city, but so do Vespa tours, literary spots, football and a cult of the dead

There are different ways of expressing personal spiritual beliefs. In Naples there’s football. On Sundays Neapolitan streets fall silent when the city football team plays. Still, nothing compares to the late 1980s team, the one that won Serie A twice thanks mainly to one player: Diego Armando Maradona. He’s still worshipped in town – just take a walk to Piazzetta Nilo in the city centre, where you will find a light-blue reliquary in which a strand of curly black hair is preserved. Whose is this relic? Maradona’s of course, available to all devotees in search of a miracle for the next Sunday’s match.
Francesco talleyrand

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